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Our stock and distribution range of Cold rolled products has a wide range from 800mm up to 1600mm and thickness from 0.35mm up to 2mm and a wide range of application for cold forming, cold Punching, Enameling, Stamping, Roofing, constructional Application as well as Home Applications.
Cold Rolled Coil Products From To From To From To
0.35 mm 2 mm 800 mm 1600 mm 5 ton 10 ton
Or depending on the client’s request
Application Delivery Standard Document Steel grades
The standard specification for carbon and low alloyed cold rolled steel sheets of increased strength. The common requirement ASTM A 568-95 1006, 1008 1009, 1010,1012,1015,1016,1017,1020,1023
Cold rolled carbon sheet structural steel ASTM A 1008M-02 CS Type A,B,C SS170, SS205, SS230 Type 1, SS275, SS550, DS, DDS
The standard specification for carbon cold rolled sheets band of common assignment ASTM A366M-91 A366
The standard specification for carbon steel constructional cold rolled sheets ASTM A611-94 A,B,C,E type 1
Cold rolled sheets and band specifications of delivery. Soft non-alloyed steel for cold punching and enameling (p.3) DIN 1623-83, p.1,3 St12, St13, EK2
Cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming: technical delivery conditions. EN 10130-91 EN 10130-99 FePO1, FePO3, DC01, DC03, FePO4,DC04
Cold rolled sheets and bands JIS G 3141-96 SPCC, SPCD, SPCE
Cold rolled sheet products made from low carbon quality steel for cold forming (Stamping) GOST 9045-93 08KP, 08PS, 08U of VG draw-forming category 08U SV, OSV
Mill products made from carbon steel of general application GOST 16523-89 St 08 and st1 (of all de-oxidation degrees), of G and N draw-forming capability
Cold rolled sheet products made from low carbon steel for enamel ware GOST 24244-80 08KP with aluminum content 0,02-0,06 %
Roofing sheet products TU 14-11-262-89 Low carbon steel